Dear Santa…

Hmmm… Lionel O’Messi?

Dear Santa,
I’ve been so well behaved all year. I even watched Ireland play football without complaining one little bit. So for Christmas this year I’d like something extra special. Before you have your elves wrap Georgia Salpa, I’ve got a few other things in mind. You can skip my house this year, because these are gifts you can’t put under the Christmas tree.
I’ll start small. I’d like Declan Kidney to take some risks with his squad for the Six Nations. Some of Ireland’s best young talent deserve a chance to show what they can do. Santa, I’ve seen you in the crowd at Munster matches, so I know you know your stuff. If you can work your magic and get Peter O’Mahony in the Ireland squad next year then Ireland might have a solution to their problem at number 7.
Now, I don’t know how well up you are on FIFA rules and regulations, but I think the general gist is that anything is possible if you know the right people. If you could have a word in Mr Blatter’s ear and see to it that Lionel Messi is registered as an Irish player for the European Championships, I’d really appreciate it. Failing that, could you just ask Trappatoni to give James McCarthy and Seamus Coleman a chance to show their worth?
Now for the big one. I’d like another one of those Tipperary versus Kilkenny games on the first Sunday of September. You may remember, it used to be called the All Ireland Hurling Final once upon a time. Now write this down Santa, because it’s very important… I want next year’s game to be a repeat of 2010’s final. No-one wants to see a repeat of this year’s result. Well, no-one outside Kilkenny.
Actually Santa, please do stop at my house. If you could get me a seat on a Ryanair flight to Poland next year that would be great. I know your magic can only stretch so far though, so if you could even give me a lift on your sleigh next June I’d take it. If you’re not busy of course.
Regards to Mrs Claus.

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